Does anyone else feel like Chester’s newest videos are being edited by Grace?! Or is this an open fact and I’m just behind?!

When did I become someone that ships?! I can’t help it. THE FEELS HAVE TAKEN OVER. GRESTER FOREVER.

Is Grace single???


Here’s why I’m asking…. Cus then I have all right to ship Grace with every God Damn human who has good standards.
She did an interview.. wait i thinknit was…. shit.. can’t remember… but whatever. She said something to the extent that when she was yelling at the girls and she started to cry and…

Holy shit


all fandoms have that one fucking overused quote that is on 99.9% of the edits 

The trinity fandom doesn’t have overused quotes; we have overused interview questions.

"Have you ever been to camp?"

"Are you sisters/wives/cousins/any other familial relationship?"

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