Editing is the new dating - Boy Talk with Chester See





Loving the fact that Grace shoots and edits the Boys Talk vids by Chester See (you can clearly hear the giggling or the Whaaaat-ing at some points, especially in the lastest).

Not going to touch the dating rumours, not even with a giant stick, BECAUSE NOT MY FUCKIN BUSINESS WHO FUCKS WHO, but…

wait when can you hear her I can’t find it

you can hear a chuckle real quick after chester fakes the sleep and then she actually says “whaaaaat” when Chester talks about his dad having the best calves. I listen to it at work, so Headphones enable me to actually hear all the little sounds… you. I didn”t even have to focus, I just heard the chuckle and was like “eeeeuh, this is Grace’s laugh”, so I rewinded it and yup.

I keep going to the spots and I think those are just Justin saying those things bc I put on headphones and I can’t hear her at all :(

Behind the scenes of Hannah recording for ‘The Most Popular Girls in school’ (x)

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i love mamrie so much but her upload schedule gives me anxiety


True facts: Beanz edits Mamrie’s videos, but she’s only got little paws so it slows her down. Keep that in mind whenever Mamrie doesn’t upload / puts up late videos… 

Beanz is working as hard as she possibly can!